Unpark Mania

Unpark Mania

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Unpark Mania
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Unpark Mania Overview


Unpark Mania is going to be one of the best new puzzle games with parking online that you get to finish and play here right now, and the reason we are saying that is that this is an original game developed by our own team, so you can bet that we have worked very hard to make sure that it is one of the best in the whole genre, so allow us to prove that right now and here!

Let's start the Unpark Mania of puzzle games!

In each level you have several cars, more of them being added in further levels, that are stuck in a parking lot, so you have to swipe on them to get them out, find the right order in which to move the cars, and if you achieve it, and no more cars are parked in the lot, you clear the level.

If the cars crash into one another three times, you lose your three lives and need to start the game all over again from scratch, so focus not to let it happen, meaning that you need to focus. Now that you've understood everything, feel confident to let the fun begin, and stick around for more of it to come, as we're far from being done today!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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