Tricky Test

Tricky Test

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Tricky Test
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Tricky Test Overview


Tricky Test is a new quiz, logic, and puzzle game with all of these elements together, and much more, which we highly recommend to children of all ages, and where we are positive everyone is going to have a ton of fun, just like we have had, which was the primary reason for sharing it with you all right now!

Can you solve and ace the Tricky Test online?

The questions you receive level after level are not trivia ones, but logic ones, as you need to figure out how things are standing, where they are going, count how many things are depicted, and other tricky puzzles like that, which only increase in difficulty as you advance through them.

Of course, you also earn points in return, and you get to open up chests of surprises, which we are sure you will love earning. Start now, see how far you can go, and don't be afraid to ask for help in the comments or on our Discord!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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