Tricky Bandit: Jailbreak

Tricky Bandit: Jailbreak

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Tricky Bandit: Jailbreak
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Tricky Bandit: Jailbreak Overview


Tricky Bandit: Jailbreak has now been added to our website because we know that there is a lot of crossover between fans of escape games and puzzle drawing games online, which are both popular formats right now, and this game has them both, as you need to use drawing to solve the puzzles that will help this bandit escape. Let's tell you more about it right now!

Help the Tricky Bandit accomplish his Jailbreak!

In each level, look towards the light, because the open space with rays coming out of it is freedom, and there you have to get your bandit. Use the mouse to draw lines, and when done, the bandit will start moving up on it, or in any direction you've drawn it.

Make the paths in such a way that you avoid obstacles and traps meant to keep him there because if you get him stuck or killed, you lose the level and need to start it again from scratch. Of course, each new level gets harder than the last, so your puzzle-solving and drawing skills should also improve along the way. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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