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TRIBAR Overview


TRIBAR is a new 3-dimensional puzzle game that is all about the 3D element, as that is one of the main aspects that will make the game both challenging and fun at the same time, we promise, that you should get yourselves ready for a fresh experience unlike you get to have here daily, which you can play on both computers and mobile devices!

Solve all the TRIBAR puzzles online!

With the mouse, you have to drag around the screen in order to take the block and create it in a bar, so that it creates the same shape as the one given as requirements in that level, the target you need to hit to finish that level.

Figure out the best way of generating your bar made out of blocks so that you create the 3D figure, with all of them only getting increasingly more difficult in design as you advance.

In each level, based on your performance, you earn one to three stars, depending on how few moves it took you to finish that level, so we really hope it will be very little.

Good luck, enjoy, and don't stop here, since our team has prepared many more amazing games for you to play here today, and it would be a shame if you were to miss them!

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