Paco Paco

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What is Paco Paco?

Paco Paco

Paco Paco, as you might have imagined from the title, is a brand new take on Pac-Man Games online, which are some of the best maze games online that you could be playing on our website, where right now we have had a total blast from start to finish, so we are fully confident that the very same is going to be true of your own time with it!

Help Paco Paco eat and survive!

Use WASD or the ARROWS to move Paco Paco through the maze in any direction, so that you eat enough golden bubbles to open up the portal to the next level, while making sure to avoid the monsters that are chasing you around, because if they bite you, you lose a life, and losing all lives means losing the level.

Each new level features a more complicated maze, and maybe more monsters, or maybe they just get faster and more dangerous. Either way, you need to focus quite a lot, and always be one step ahead of the monsters to achieve your goal. Good luck, enjoy, and don't stop here, since there's more to come as only here you can find!

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