Cucumber Rick

Cucumber Rick

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Cucumber Rick
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Cucumber Rick Overview


Remember Cucumber Rick? One of the craziest episodes of Rick and Morty, and one of its biggest memes? Well, it is now featured in one of the funniest skill arcade games online on our website for the day, a full-on recommendation by our team for you all, since we've just played it ourselves, and know just how much fun can be had with it!

Help Cucumber Rick escape!

With the WAD keys you are going to move the pickle that is Rick in disguise in order to help him get out of the jar, getting past other pickles, which are not him, or any different kinds of vegetables, with your goal being to help as many of them get to freedom as possible because if you get completely stuck, you lose.

It's a silly premise, but each new level becomes a bit more difficult than the last one, so your skill level should also increase accordingly. We wish you the best, have fun, and we hope to see you try other new games we have added here today for you, they are just as awesome!

How to play?

Use the WAD keys.

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