Pierce Them All

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What is Pierce Them All?

Pierce Them All

Pierce Them All is a brand new hypercasual shooting game 3D that our team wishes to share with you all on our website right now, where we are always making sure to provide you with new and interesting content, since we know how much you love it, even more so when it features internet craziness like the SCP monsters from your favorite horror games!

Let's Pierce Them All online!

With the mouse or finger controls, you are going to aim and shoot spears toward the monsters, as you get put in front of one or multiple ones, and when you have pierced them with it, you advance to the next one, having to finish the course by defeating all of them.

If you can hit multiple monsters with one go, even better! In each new level, you repeat the action, but at a higher degree of difficulty, with more monsters, and some stronger ones as well, while you should also make upgrades between the stages by getting new weapons that you earn or buy.

It's quite simple, as you can see, and you can't go wrong with this experience, so make sure you're having it right now, after which we've got even more great games to come!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.

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