Slice them all! 3D

Slice them all! 3D

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Slice them all! 3D
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Slice them all! 3D Overview


Slice them all! 3D has just been added to our website to increase our input of hypercasual runner games even more so, as we've seen how much you enjoy this kind of content, so this brand new game should not be one that you miss out on, since, like every entry here, it brings along new elements for you to discover and enjoy!

Can you slice them all?

You will use the mouse to control your gun, which, instead of bullets, holds a powerful laser that cuts everything in its path, so move it left and right as you hold it to cut things down, mostly the robots that are coming towards you since they are the enemies that you need to cut up and remove.

Find the best angles at which to do the slicing, so that you do a lot of destruction with very few moves, and as you earn coins from one level to another, you should use them to acquire new models of weapons, and they should be quite useful and necessary, as each new level gets more difficult than the one before it, so you need to power up also.

Good luck, the best we wish you, and we hope you aren't stopping here, since the day has just begun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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