Tom's Adventure

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What is Tom's Adventure?

Tom's Adventure

Tom's Adventure is a new platform-adventure game online with running and jumping, a game that is made to look like a retro game, even if it is a new game, which we invite you to play on both computers and mobile devices, as we're pretty sure you are still going to enjoy it a lot, just like we did, so we will now explain it to you, and make sure you give it your best!

Let's go on Tom's Adventure!

Tom needs your help in reaching the end of all 12 levels this game has to offer, one more difficult than the one before it, and to do so you need to go past the light beams that rotate, the robots, which you can defeat by jumping on top of their heads, and make sure not to hit into spikes.

As you go further through the levels, other traps and obstacles can appear, which you need to avoid, because if you die, you are always brought back to the start of the level. In that case, learn from your mistakes, and do better next time, as simple as that!

Use WASD to move and jump. Now that you know everything, feel confident to begin the game, only here, after which we hope to see you try out more of our content!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys.

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