Heart of Iona

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What is Heart of Iona?

Heart of Iona

Heart of Iona is a new RPG game online with point-and-click elements, a game where you get to live out the story of Iona, a princess that is soon going to become a queen, with your help only, of course, and you get to live out her story however you see fit, as this is a game about making decisions, and we will now teach you more about it!

Make the Heart of Iona a good one!

Through the decisions you take in this game, you should aim at making good ones that will benefit your relationships with your subordinates, other royalty, family, and friends.

As various things happen, such as your assistant dropping water on the floor, getting a mystery visitor, or even dressing up for the royal ceremony, you are given options of response or action, and if you take the right ones, you will become a good queen, so try not to become a bad one.

Of course, you can also explore that route if you wish for something fresh and interesting, and a bit different. Don't stop here, since the day has many more awesome games in store for you, and we would hate if you were to miss them!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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