Heart Star

Heart Star

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Heart Star
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Heart Star Overview


Heart Star is one of our best new platformer puzzle games online, an arcade games that looks really good, has tons and tons of fun levels for you to go through, and solving the puzzles they present is going to give you lots of satisfaction, no doubt, and you will have enjoyed yourself a lot by the time you finish the game!

Reunite the two star-struck lovers by solving the puzzles!

At each level, you have a blue boy and a red girl, the two of them being a couple, but they are always separated by platforms and other obstacles, so in order for you to finish a level you have to get the two of them to both sit on the shiny platform. To move the characters you use the right and left arrow keys, you press the up arrow key in order to jump, and with the G key, you switch between the two characters.

The girl can move over the red blocks and move through the blue ones, while the boy can move over the blue blocks and go straight through the red ones. Find the best way to avoid any obstacles and traps, and once the two lovers are together, you advance to the next level, which will pose a more difficult puzzle, but a fun one nonetheless!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys, G key.

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