White Sonic

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What is White Sonic?

White Sonic

White Sonic is the newest variant of the speedster hedgehog that we now want to introduce to you all on our website right now, with yet another awesome Rom Hack, meaning that this game is fan-made, having taken a real game and modified it, featuring what is known on the internet as the strongest version of this character!

Start the adventures of White Sonic online!

Move with right and left, use up to look up, s to crouch, S to accelerate, and Z or X to make jumps. Go through the courses, making sure you avoid traps, obstacles, pits, and the robots that the evil Dr. Robotnik sends out after you, while also trying to catch as many golden rings as you can, as well as the diamonds, which must be kept away from the forces of evil.

Begin this new adventure only here, where only here you can have it, and make sure to invite your friends along for the ride, they would hate if you were not to share this game with them as well!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the arrows, S, Z, X keys.

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