Skibidi Toilet try to dodge

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What is Skibidi Toilet try to dodge?

Skibidi Toilet try to dodge

Skibidi Toilet try to dodge is going to be one of the most interesting skill games online on our website to have been added to this category of funny games featuring the most popular meme of the moment, and avoiding games have been a mainstay for a while, so we're sure that this combo is going to be to the liking of many!

Try to dodge the Skibidi Toilet!

With the mouse, you are going to move your Skibid Toilet left and right, and as other toilets fall down, make sure to grab them and get points in return, but avoid the Camera Heads and other items in red, because they deplete you of points when grabbed, and if you get to zero, you lose.

Instead, try very hard to get a big score each new time you play. It's that simple, so start right now, and stick around, since this day will be filled with some of the best new games you can find and play on the internet, as we always guarantee!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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