Adventure Story Run

Adventure Story Run

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Adventure Story Run
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Adventure Story Run Overview


Adventure Story Run is a new hypercasual running and jumping game 3D with adventure elements, similar to many others in its format, but bringing along a new world of fun for you to have, which we will tell you more about right away, making sure you don't miss out on one moment of fun!

It's time to start the Adventure Story Run online!

Use the right and left arrows to change lanes, the up one to jump, and the down one to roll, Use these movements in order to avoid all the obstacles, whether they are objects, or they are creatures, but all-in-all, if you hit them, you lose lives, and losing all your lives means losing the game.

At the same time, try collecting as many coins and candy along the way as you can, earning points in return for them, and you can also collect new lives by grabbing hearts. The game goes on endlessly, as long as you don't die, so don't let that happen, and win.

Now that you've surely understood what it is to be done, feel confident to get your game on, and don't stop here, since we're happy to say we've got even more in store!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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