Run Run Duck

Run Run Duck

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Run Run Duck
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Run Run Duck Overview


Run Run Duck is the perfect addition for the many visitors of our website who we know for a fact are big fans of the retro platform games in the vein of Mario, but are a bit tired of those classic characters, so let's change the scenery a bit right now with this game where you go on such an adventure in a different but familiar world, and with a duck, one of the most beloved birds in the entire world!

Help the Duck run and run through your adventure together!

Move using the right and left arrow keys, and use the up arrow key to jump. The enemies of the duck are the slime creatures moving around the place, so don't let them touch you, because you lose a life, and losing three lives means losing the game. You instantly lose if you fall into death traps or pits along the course.

To defeat the slimes you can jump on top of their heads, which squishes them, and this gains you extra points. Other than that, hit the cubes and bricks along the course to collect coins and increase your score progressively, while also sometimes getting power-ups and cool bonuses from them.

What is there to wait for? Tons of fun is just one click away, waiting for you, so come have it free of charge, only on our website!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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