Capybara Hoarder

Capybara Hoarder

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Capybara Hoarder
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Capybara Hoarder Overview


Capybara returns to our website, as he's become quite a favorite, and he now needs your help in becoming a hoarder, as these animals sometimes do, and it is sure that with your help it will be able to hoard more than the others, and get the largest stash, something we will now explain how to do, worry not!

Become a Capybara Hoarder online right now!

Use WASD to move the animal around the forest, where you have to pick up things such as arrows, swords, apples, and others, no matter what they are, because you need lots of things in your possession.

Why? Because enemies are lurking and moving about, and you need to shoot them at them because if they hit you and you lose all three lives, you lose.

To shoot your items click in the direction you want them sent. Each new level becomes more difficult than the last, as the enemies grow stronger, but if you give your best, we're sure that you will have no problems at all!

How to play?

Use WASD and the mouse.

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