Burger Race

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What is Burger Race?

Burger Race

Burger Race is not a cooking game, as you would think at first, even though it has elements from it, but it is also a hypercasual racing game with skill and collecting elements in 3D, a format already established as really popular with our visitors, so we have a gut feeling that many of you will not miss out on it!

Can you win the Burger Race online?

With the mouse or touch controls, or you can even use WASD on computers, you move your stickman to collect patties, buns, eggs, and other burger ingredients, which you take to the cooking station, convert into money, and then use it to put them on the stairs to advance to the upper platform.

You have to do that faster than the computer so that you are the first one that reaches the finish point at the top, win the money, and then do the same for the next race, in the following level, which is more difficult than the last, but also more fun, we promise! Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys or the mouse.

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