Skibidi Toilet: Helix 3D

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What is Skibidi Toilet: Helix 3D?

Skibidi Toilet: Helix 3D

It was a matter of time before we were to have a helix jump game 3d with Skibidi Toilet, since this is a popular meme, and the format is also known and fun, so we are sure that you won't miss out on the chance to hone your skills in a funny way, something we will now teach you more about how and what to do it, so that fun is going to be guaranteed!

Jump on the 3D Helix with Skibidi Toilet!

The goal you have is to reach as further down the helix that you rotate as possible, and by doing so you get to get a big score in return, which should be your target, but make sure as you rotate it with the mouse, you don't fall into the abyss, or into the red spots, since those are dangerous, and you will lose.

If you do, just start again, and try to see if you can make it further down with success and beat your previous record. Good luck, enjoy, and make sure you're sticking around for even more fun to come as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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Rasho Studio

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