Elemental Rescue Adventure

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What is Elemental Rescue Adventure?

Elemental Rescue Adventure

Elemental Rescue Adventure, based on the Disney movie of the same name is also a cousin to Fireboy and Watergirl Games, as it is a puzzle-adventure game with platforms, temples to get out of, things to collect, and dangers to avoid, but this time you do it with a girl made out of fire, Ember, and a water boy, Wade Ripple.

Let's go on a fun Elemental Rescue Adventure online!

Use WAD or the ARROWS to move your character, having to avoid the droplets of the opposing elements, since they make you lose a life, but the same goes for falling into pits, hitting spikes, traps, and other dangers along the way.

If you lose all three lives, you lose the whole game. Collect gems along the way, increasing your score, and also be careful to finish the levels before the time runs out, and use levers, buttons, and other helpful things.

Each new level will require an increased level of difficulty to pass, but it also becomes more fun to play, guaranteed, but we are sure that being one of our players means you will dedicate yourselves to winning, which we invite you to do right now!

How to play?

Use the WAD or the ARROW keys.

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