Lu and the Bally Bunch: Find It

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What is Lu and the Bally Bunch: Find It?

Lu and the Bally Bunch: Find It

Find It is the first of many Lu and the Bally Bunch games online you are able to find and play free of charge on our website, with it is a cute and charming hidden object game to make you more familiar with the characters of the show, something we will tell you about right now and here, so you can begin all this fun straight away!

Find It with Lu and the Bally Bunch!

On the left side of the screen you are shown one or multiple characters you need to spot in the group of stickers representing them on the screen, and, when spotted, and they match, you need to click/tap, and only if you are right you can advance to the next stage, where you do the same, albeit in a more difficult manner.

It's as simple as it sounds since this is a preschooler game, so feel free and confident to begin it right away, after which we will delight you with even more amazing games as only here can be found!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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