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AtomSurvival Overview


Welcome all to AtomSurvival, a new incredible io game online, a multiplayer experience we totally recommend, where you try to survive a war of atomic bombs against players from all over the world, an experience that will surely be to your liking, as we don't miss when it comes to action-packed games for boys and men!

Play AtomSurvival io online in multiplayer, free and unblocked!

Go around the world after the atomic bomb has been set off, and survive against the other players, as all of you are hoping to live more than the other, so the main goal for that is gathering resources, such as tomatoes, which are great food, but also rocks, wood, and other materials.

Why? Well, you can use them in the craft menu to make weapons, even guns, using them to shoot against the other players you encounter, before they can shoot you first, or make tools such as hammers or axes, which can help you gather said resources even better.

There's a leaderboard, and we hope you're always on top of it! Use WASD for moving around, E to collect items, the C key for the crafting menu, and with the mouse you perform your attacks.

It's that simple and fun, so feel free to begin right now, only here, where fun is always happening all around you!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, C, E keys, and the mouse.

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