Rise Higher

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Rise Higher
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What is Rise Higher?

Rise Higher

Rise Higher is one of our latest skill and adventure games online we now invite you to check it out both on computers and mobile devices alike, being fully confident that you will enjoy it just as much as we did, which was quite a lot, and in order to make it so, we will now teach you the simple gameplay, so that your rise won't stop anytime soon!

Rise Higher and protect the balloon!

You control a cursor in the form of a circle using the mouse or touch controls and need to use it in order to push away from the air all the platforms, triangles, squares, and other geometrical shapes and items that stand as obstacles, because if the balloon that is ascending hits any of them, you lose and have to restart again from scratch.

Make sure to push and throw around as many obstacles as possible, because the higher you get with the balloon, the bigger your score becomes, and we really hope you do a great job! Good luck, enjoy, and don't stop here, since more fun is to come, guaranteed, as per usual!

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