Lighthouse Havoc

Lighthouse Havoc

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Lighthouse Havoc
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Lighthouse Havoc Overview


Lighthouse Havoc is the newest horror game online in 3D, a survival game added just in time for Halloween, where demons have taken over the world, so you and your friends barricaded yourselves in a lighthouse, but were overrun by the monsters and now you have to go out and save them as you face all your deepest fears, something we will teach you how to do right now!

Survive the horror experience of Lighthouse Havoc online!

Use the WASD keys to move, shift to run, space to jump, aim and shoot your guns with the mouse, and press L to lock or unlock the cursor. As you slowly go down the lighthouse stairs, and on its balconies, you will encounter demons, and you need to defeat them all until you reach the bottom.

After that, through the following levels, you will visit new locations around the island to defeat the demons, which only get bigger in numbers and stronger. Get as many kills as possible, don't let them attack and deplete your health bar first, and don't run out of bullets before you can defeat all your demonic enemies!

Rarely can you play an amazing game like this one, so feel confident to begin right now, after which our team will bring along even more amazing games like none other!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, shift, the mouse, and L.

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