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Goods Master 3D

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Goods Master 3D
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Goods Master 3D Overview


Goods Master 3D has now been brought over to our website since we know of the big love our players have for sorting puzzle games online, even more so when they double down as hypercasual games in 3D, as this one is, where you're about to find lots of reasons to have fun, and we will use the following part of the article to explain what is to be done, in case you're newcomers!

Become the Goods Master 3D online right now!

In a goods store, the items, such as sodas, food, toys, cleaning products, and others, are not placed correctly on their shelves, and each shelf needs to have only one type of product, which is why you will be sorting them.

With the mouse or touch controls, you pick up items and move them from one shelf to another, doing so until one section only has one kind of item, and when all the sorting has been completed, you have cleared the level.

You're playing them against time, so the faster you finish a level, the better, as you get one, two, or three stars based on performance per stage, so we hope to see you always aiming for 3/3.

We're wishing you the best, and hope you are not stopping here, since the day has just begun, and more amazing games are on their way for you right now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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