Egg Adventure

Egg Adventure

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Egg Adventure
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Egg Adventure Overview


It's time to go on an Egg Adventure online, with what represents one of the newest puzzle games with drawing from our website, which we, as a team, dearly enjoyed, as it is minimalistic, but also features ever-increasing challenges, and one fun level after another for you to work your brains out with, something we will tell you more about right now, so you can start having the fun we've had as well!

Start the Egg Adventure online!

Use the mouse to draw lines for Mr. Egg, using them to make paths above pits, protect him from spikes, from falling into traps, dangers, and holes, or even get past enemies that might appear down the road. He needs to reach the end of each level, which is marked by a door, and enter through it to finish that stage, so make sure you're doing it.

Sometimes you walk, sometimes you roll, but always you will be drawing to help the egg toward all of it because, without you, it will not be possible! Get hints from the game if you are in trouble, but try to limit their use. We wish you the best, and hope you're not stopping here, since more great games are coming here every day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Draw over traps and obstacles to help egg avoid them.
  • Draw roads over pits to walk on.
  • Dress up Mr. Egg with the coins you earn from completing levels.

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