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Sitting Ducks

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Sitting Ducks
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Sitting Ducks Overview


Sitting Ducks is an older game from handheld consoles that you can now find and play free of charge on our website directly from your computers, as it has been emulated free of charge by us, proving once more why and how here you can find some of the best games on the internet, and in case you're curious to know more about it, allow us to explain!

Let's be Sitting Ducks online and have fun!

Use WASD to move, Z to jump, and the A, S, and X keys for other actions, such as talking, picking up items, or attacking. Through the story mode, you're invited to explore Duck Town, where there are coins to grab, friends to meet, and enemies to make, with new challenges and side-missions appearing for you all the time.

If you want to play in the race mode, race against other ducks giving it your best to cross the finish line first, doing it on scooters, you can play soccer, ice skating, and other sports.

It's that simple, and there are plenty of things to discover here, so make sure you're starting right away, and then inviting friends to play more of our daily games too!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, A, S, X, Z keys.

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Light and Shadow Productions, Asobo Studio

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