Deadly Virus: Arena

Deadly Virus: Arena

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Deadly Virus: Arena
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Deadly Virus: Arena Overview


Deadly Virus: Arena has now been dropped on our website with the intention of getting your daily dose of action with zombie shooting games online in 3D, which are constantly some of the most beloved games by the boys and men visiting our website, even more so when they are of the quality of this one, which is an endless shooter game you won't forget any day soon, with great graphics, easy gameplay, and a vast world of the undead which you have to capture back for the living!

Stop the Deadly Virus by shooting the zombies in the Arena!

There are three main missions you need to complete in this game to save the world from the zombie pandemic created by the virus that turned dead humans into walking corpses who want to eat your brains:

  1. Kill all the zombies in a wave
  2. Complete the 21 waves of the game, each one bigger and more difficult than the last
  3. Capture 11 areas of zombies by disposing of them all!

You do so by walking around the destroyed cities, and when you encounter zombies, you need to shoot them up with your gun and kill them, preventing them from attacking you, as they hit, bite, and hurt you, and if they deplete you of your 100 health points, you lose and have to restart, as you're dead!

Move around using WASD, aim and shoot the guns with the mouse, holding the right mouse button if you want to use the scope to aim better, press R to reload when you run out of bullets, you will jump by pressing the spacebar, run faster by holding the shift key while moving, and with the number keys from 1 to 9, you can change weapons.

The first weapon given to you is a simple pistol, but you can buy new ones in the shop, but more importantly, get them as rewards from clearing areas and completing waves, or finding them on the maps, the same being true for defenses and protection gear you might encounter.

As you shoot up the zombies online, you gain XP points, which means you get faster, better aim, and more strength, which will come in handy when the hordes of zombies become even bigger and stronger. The upgrades you can buy with your XP points are:

  • Speed
  • Health
  • Damage
  • Bonus Money

The shop allows you to buy your weapons. Now that you know how to navigate the undead arena, stop the deadly virus by shooting the zombies, and check out more similar games when done with this one, we've got the best of them already!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Upgrade your character with XP and with new weapons to shoot more zombies!
  • Clear areas of the undead to save the world!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, space, shift, R, 1-9 keys, and the mouse.

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