Max Mixed Cocktails

Max Mixed Cocktails

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Max Mixed Cocktails
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Max Mixed Cocktails Overview


Max Mixed Cocktails is the latest edition in the series of Bartender Games, games where you are put to the task of becoming this service industry expert in drinks and cocktails and creating some of the most refreshing and beloved drinks in popular culture, as well as make your unique mixes, which had several editions prior to this one:

  • Bartender: The Right Mix
  • Bartender 2
  • Bartender: The Wedding
  • Bartender: The Celebs Mix

Learn how to create the best Max Mixed Cocktails online!

The first level of the game is more of a tutorial since it will show you the drinks you need to take and mix together, and the mechanics are quite simple. You click on the bottle you want to take, and then hold the pour button until you've filled the cup to your taste, and continue doing so with however many drinks you want. Not in this first stage, where you need to follow the recipe.

When the meter is full, add some ice, and then mix them together with the mixing button, after which your in-game bartender will take a sip. What happens is her ear turns into a fishtail, and finally she ends up transforming into a full fish, magically. That's the first ending you collect in this game!

Create new cocktails to reach new endings!

Various mixtures of drinks will result in different endings, with the bartender drinking all of them, which will cause an event to happen. The bartender can change into other beings, or change herself as a person, and you're trying to reach all the endings in the collection to finish the game. Some of the mixtures will be duds, and nothing happens, so remember not to make them again!

All the perfect drinks and ingredients are at your disposal!

The bar is full, fitted with all sorts of drinks like whiskey, rye, vodka, vermouth, wine, beer, and gin, but also juices, sodas, colas, and toppings that can sometimes be used in cocktails: here we're talking about a cherry on the top, pineapples, oranges, or lemons and limes.

Through the game, you might end up making classic cocktails like a whiskey sour, a negroni, the Aperol spritz, the club soda, the jack and coke, the vodka apple, and more, but we recommend using your imagination to pour and mix drinks out of this world, and reach the most original and fantastical endings!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Experiment with the quantity of the drinks to create different cocktails.
  • Mix alcoholic drinks with juices, sodas, or fruits to make some long drinks!
  • Unlock all the endings to become the ultimate bartender online!

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