The Lonesome Shooter: A Father's Retribution

The Lonesome Shooter: A Father's Retribution

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The Lonesome Shooter: A Father's Retribution
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The Lonesome Shooter: A Father's Retribution Overview


The Lonesome Shooter: A Father's Retribution is an FPS game online in 3D with a story, as you can probably figure out from the extensive title of this game, where a father is going out to take revenge on those who did harm to his children, and you will be doing it by shooting first and asking questions later, all in the Wild Wild West, where that is how things were done, an experience we will now invite you to have, and we will teach you how!

Enact A Father's Retribution as The Lonesome Shooter!

In this RPG-shooting game 3d, control your character as such:

  • WASD to move, space to jump, shift to run
  • Look around, shoot, and aim guns using the MOUSE
  • Press R to reload when you run out of bullets
  • Pick up items using F

You are playing as Jack, infiltrating the military base where his son, Ethan was declared killed in action, as you've found out that the military itself has had foul play and a hand in the killing of your son.

That's why you get dropped in the base, where it's shot on sight! When you see the military, they are your enemies, so shoot them up and kill them, being careful since they have the same policy, and if they kill you first, you lose and have to restart.

Use cars, walls, buildings, tanks, and other structures you have as hiding places, or use them to hide and snipe enemies away from afar. If you can pick up new weapons and power-ups, make sure to do it, they will help in delivering justice!

Start the revenge mission right now, and try more of our amazing fps shooter games 3D, we've got only the best for you!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, shift, the mouse, R, and F.

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Author: HammerGames

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