Ultimate Douchebag Workout

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What is Ultimate Douchebag Workout?

Ultimate Douchebag Workout

Douchebag Workout is a very interesting game in which you will have to experience the life of a nerd, a man who does not play sports, who is stinky and the whole society does not pay attention to him because he considers him ugly and powerless.

In order to change the life of the main character in our game, you will have to go with him to a gym where you will have to deal with the most important muscle groups so that you can transform your body. In order to achieve good results, you will have to work on all the equipment in the gym, but you will have to take into account each muscle group, and the program that your coach makes for you must respect it.

What are the main muscle groups you need to develop?

  1. chest: pectorals + abdomen
  2. back: trapezoid
  3. legs: legs, ankle, flap
  4. hands: biceps, integrated, triceps

The game is built around four main elements: the dumbbells in the gym, the food you eat, the shopping, the amino acids, and the proteins you can take to increase your muscle mass. At first, you will be able to work only with dumbbells and objects in the room, after which, you will be able to go to a nutritionist who can prescribe proteins that you can take so as to increase your caloric intake.

How to play?

use the mouse

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