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What are Gravity Falls Games?

gravity falls games, is a new animated series product by alex hirsch and distributed by disney channel. because it is a serial interesting and particularly compared to other serial disney, Play-Games.Com presents you the new gravity falls games. the series presents a story of dipper and mabel pines who are twins and they are preparing for the summer vacation which will be a nightmare because their parents decided to send them on vacation to their uncle stan, in the city gravity falls. the two have made many plans for this holiday but all were destroyed at the time they heard that they would spend the all holiday in gravity falls. their uncle, stan pines working and lives in mystery hack, a place where are happening a lot of strange things. mystery hack is, in fact, a trap for tourists, because the entrance is very expensive, and the have allowed to stay a very short time. in addition to all of this, it is a strange place, where a lot of mysteries waiting to be revealed to us. in this vacation and dipper and mabel will be forced to take care one another, and never lose each other. the two found in the forest a diary filled with riddles that dipper is trying to resolve, especially when it has to do with a new mystery, and that log is seems to know all the mysteries of gravity falls. dipper is a boy of 12 years old, intelligent and brave because he cannot stay calm and it is always in search of new mysteries. dipper is considered sometimes too clever for his age and hide a great secret such as that he would have liked to have another name like, tyrone. mabel is dipper twin sister, this is a person optimistic, crazy and dynamic. it is also very brave and she assist dipper to solving of the mysteries that surround them. mabel likes to read love novels and wants to meet vampires with that imagine that could have a love story. stanford pines, is uncle stan, the one who works out of the mystery shack and who loves to make money out of nothing. mystery shack it is well known that the most frightening museum in the world, where stan in addition to stretch out a trap tourists and sell all sorts of worthless at incredibly high prices. during the time when he`s not working, he is staying at home in front of the tv and sends dipper and mabel in the strangest missions. what nobody knows is that stan has a twin brother named stanly, which disappeared after 30 years. soos ramirez is a child-man and a great lover who works out of the mystery shack and who knows to do almost everything. it is not very smart but he has the talent to be a dj and he can play very well pinball. it is very good friend with dipper, and together they are doing all the crazy stuff between guys. wendy corduroy is another character of the series and the great love of dipper. this is 15 years old and she said that she had so much lovers that she don't remember if it has parted with the last one. however dipper tries many times to attract his attention, but without any results. waddles is the animal's company of mabel. this is a pig which mabel got to an anointed, and since they had met they have an unconditional love for each other and they are best friends. in addition to main characters, here we meet secondary characters who are inhabitants of gravity falls village. all the inhabitants have some words. among these characters include old mcgucket, which is village fool, sheriff blubs who always is drinking coffee in front to do his job. another character is lazy susan, a women who work in a restaurant, but she is very lazy. sexy dan is wendy`s father the wood chopper of the village. it has been having some problems with his nerves and he comes out of very nasty without wires to tackle any good reason, but it calms down as soon as if nothing had happened. among all these strange characters we meet stan, who is presumed to disappeared 30 years ago and which are said that he have six long fingers.the mysterious journal that dipper and mabel found was saing that was writing by him before he vanished, because he was a fan of paranormal and he knew all the mysteries of gravity falls. because it is a story interesting and full of mystery team thought to make you acquainted with the new gravity falls games. our new games are as interesting as the story and brings for you you're favorite characters from the series.gravity falls games are the latest on our site and we hope that you will enjoy these amazing games.