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What are Sleeping Beauty Games?

sleeping beauty games is a new category appears only here the best gaming site in the country, Play-Games.Com. this category has many games of skill, action, creativity and so on, with our heroes from the disney movie maleficent. this film is inspired by the children's story sleeping beauty of forest and brings viewers the many incredible adventures in a magical world full of elves, fairies and witches. the film tells the story of maleficent, a good witch, witch very large living a dream life in magical realm moors. world moors people separated from land, but the young stefan fails to pass the border and meets maleficent. the two became close friends and were part of many adventures together. eventually they fall in love and stefan gives maleficent's true love's kiss. maleficent was in love with stefan and trust him, but he betrays and cut off the wings to become king. maleficent is an evil witch and wants revenge on stefan, why put a curse on aurora's daughter, so at 16 to a needle puncture and fall asleep forever. aurora is placed in the care of fairies so as not to puncture the needle, but the inevitable happens even if maleficent regrets his curse. it has come to like very much and wants to save aurora therefore leads the prince to kiss her to wake up. our heroes go through many adventures to save her aurora but eventually get over any obstacles and succeed by working together. in these games in games with maleficent you will need more skill and agility to be able to fulfill the objectives of each level. try to do this so collect as many points because only you could have the chance to enter the top of the best players. although at first it will be easy to achieve your goal will not rush to judgment because as you advance into higher levels of obstacles that you give will give you big headaches. give us a like if you enjoyed our new games appeared in the games category with maleficent. you have to be very careful and give evidence of much skill and acumen to be able to go out all missions. if somehow you lose you should not be discouraged because the games are quite difficult. i suggest you try again but this time to pay more attention, learn from mistakes and are sure that you will do better. leave us a comment with your opinion on our site, Play-Games.Com