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What are Ben 10 Games?

Not all the superheroes you watch on television or in movies or play online games with come from Marvel and DC Comics, even though they are two of the most popular universes with superheroes. Sometimes, original superheroes appear and fascinate kids from all over the world, and this is what happened in 2005 with the release of Ben 10 on Cartoon Network, which soon became one of the channel’s biggest hits, and it has been so for years, with sequels and remakes popping up year after year!

Get to know Ben 10 and his friends

Ben Tennyson is the name of the main character we follow, a boy of ten-years-old at the start of the story, who embarks upon summer-long travel across the country with his grandfather, Max, in his RV, together with his cousin Gwen, which is going to change their whole lives forever.
During one of their stops, Ben stumbles upon an alien item that has the shape of a watch and which sticks to his hand. He finds out this is called the Omnitrix, a device that allows him to change into 10 different aliens, each with their own powers.

This is how the cousins find out their grandfather used to be a member of an organization known as the Plumbers, secret agents who dealt with aliens that ended up on Earth, as they had to deal with them and make sure that their presence is not known to the general public.
Along their journey through the country, they encounter all sorts of villainous aliens that they have to defeat, as well as friendly ones with which they team-up, and together, this trio saves the day anywhere and anytime they can!

Of course, Ben, just like any other young boy, is the kind to always dive into action first, and this is made even more true after he got the power of the Omnitrix since whenever he saw something he can jump into, he hit the watch and transformed. Of course, it does not always end up great because of that, and he might fail, but he always gives his best and never gives up!
There is also a recurring joke of how he wants to transform into an alien but ends up transforming into another one because the Omnitrix does not always function properly.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have his cousin, Gwen, who is a thoughtful girl, a strong-headed character, and definitely the brains of the operation, since Gwen always thinks up on the best plans to help Ben. Grandpa Max shows his years of experience dealing with aliens in all their adventures, does an amazing job driving the RV, and will never back down from a fight!

Learn more about Ben’s aliens

Four Arms is a big alien with four arms that Ben can use when he wants to fight, while Heatblast has a body like magma, and can be used to shoot fires towards enemies or use the fire to fly around. Cannonbolt is a huge alien with claws that can transform into a ball that is indestructible. There is also Diamondhead, a green alien made out of diamonds with a pointy head who can shoot his diamonds at targets, making him perfect for long-range attacks.

Wildmutt is an animal-like alien that can move on all fours and is great for battle, Upgrade is the alien you want to use if you want to take control of technology or hack something, and if you want to think of the best strategy for winning, transform into Grey Matter, the smallest alien in Ben’s device, but the smartest one ever!
Speed is also very important in action, which is why Ben can transform into XLR-8 to go super fast, Stinkfly is an insect alien that has wings so is very useful when you want to fly around, and Wildvine is a plant-like alien that can extend its green arms wherever Ben would need to reach, as well as shoot vines at opponents.

Play the best Ben 10 Games online on Play-Games!

Of course, with a franchise that is as big and long-running as this one, it can only mean that there is a huge number of games based on it that you can play featuring these characters you love so much, and we want to tell you all about the ones you can find and play here for free, right now!
First of all, we definitely recommend the new Ben 10 Games as a starting point, which are based on the 2016 remake that is currently airing on Cartoon Network, where you can do lots of fun stuff such as taking part in tournaments with aliens that battle one another, save the world using the Omnitrix and its abilities, become a hero, or even play soccer if that is what you wish to do.

Then, you can also play games based on the various other series and movies in the franchise. If you want to play old Ben Ten Games, based on the original 2005 series, such as Ben 10 Blocking Blitz, where you have to help Ben 10 play around with a ball. You can play Ben 10 Alien Force Games as well, where Ben is a teenager, no longer just a kid, and one game we definitely recommend is Vilgax Takedown, where he requires your help to defeat the original big villain of the first series, who has returned to stir trouble!

Ben 10 Ultimatrix Unleashed is a great example of what Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Games can give you in terms of action and adventure with these characters, or try some Ben 10 Omniverse Games such as Undertown Runner, where you will venture deep into a city’s sewers, which are infested with alien threats.


The universe is a big one, filled with aliens to meet, and new worlds to explore, and if you play our free Ben 10 Games online you will have the chance to do all this directly with some of your favorite Cartoon Network characters in the world, ever!

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