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Minesweeper is well known by all of you, because it is one of the greatest classical Windows game, where you have the occasion to use the mouse in order to swipe successfully all the bombs and the mines from this game with no problem. First of all, you have to know that using the mouse will be so necessary for you, due to fact that you need only to swipe the mines, which are actually some grey squares, which hide under them bombs or maybe some numbers. The difference is that in this game you will have the occasion to play it online, against a lot of online players, skilled and so talented.

Use the mouse in order to discover all the numbers under the mines and of course, then, avoid clicking on the bombs, not because you will loose, as in the classical games, but due to fact that you are going to waste some points because each wrong move, which will make you touch a bomb, will cost you 1 point from your final score. Try to put some flags in the area you think there are some bombs, judging after the order of numbers beside that area so if you make a wrong move in placing the flags, you will loose more points, like 3! Good luck and try to avoid losing points in this fantastic and so cool minesweeper game so prove that you are the best!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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