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In's mission, the goal is to cover the blank space in the background of the game screen, which is actually the paper, with colored traces, which are actually your traces! Make sure that you will accomplish successfully this challenge and become the greatest adventurer in this awesome online mission, competing against some of the greatest other online players so you all start from a base.

Watch out in order to do not go too far from the base, in order to get your base attacked by another player, which means you've lost all your space covered until then so you must respawn. Also, make sure that you will surprise your opponents by killing them and stealing their territories so the final goal is to fulfill all the blankets with your own color. Go for it right now and show off, completing this paper with no issues. Also, if you crash onto your own trace, you've also lost so prepare for the greatest challenge in your life.
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Go for it right now and become a real master in this challenge!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys

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