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What is 3D? 3D had always been one of the most popular Io Multiplayer games online on the internet, and its really awesome format and easy-to-understand rules that are also exciting are what probably made it a real hit, so it is with great excitement that right now on our website we could share with you the game called 3D!

Play Paper.Io online, now in 3D, with a brand new dimension of fun!

You will find yourself on a blank white heart-shaped planet that is rotating around in the sky, and with the mouse you control a block on it, moving around the heart to make more of it in your color, which happens when you create full areas of your color.

There will be other players as well, other cubes in other colors, so you need to move over the ones who have a smaller area than yours and take over them, destroying them in the process.

This also means that you should avoid bumping into areas of color that are bigger than yours, or you lose, because we want you to win, which happens when you remain the last player standing! Good luck, and have fun as only here you can!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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