Raze 2

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Raze 2
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What is Raze 2?

Raze 2

In Raze 2 online, just like with its predecessor, the aliens are still invading the Earth and are trying to take over it through sheer numbers, since 2108, which is why you are once again invited to play the role of a soldier and give your all in the name of humanity so that you can defeat these bastardly foes, and save the planet that raised and housed you!

Play Raze 2 online unblocked, no flash required!

If you choose to play in the quick match version of this game, you have single-story stages where you need to defeat the aliens in your path, but going through the campaign also takes you through the story, where the threats only get more powerful as you slay them, until you get to dispose of all the enemies and achieve your mission.

Use WASD to move, the mouse for aiming and shooting your weapons, Q and E to change weapons, and F to use various abilities. You can go back to the main menu and use the coins you earn to upgrade your soldier's gear and weaponry, making them stronger for the more difficult levels.

Weapons and cool items can also be found in the game. We wish you the very best, hope to see you around for more of it, and that you invite all your friends to play our daily content too!

How to play?

Use WASD, Q, E, F, and the mouse.


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