Princess Girls Trip to Mars

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What is Princess Girls Trip to Mars?

Princess Girls Trip to Mars
We have brought for you today dear friends the Princess Girls Trip to Mars game for girls, in which you can see that two Disney princesses are going to need your help to get ready for their very first space trip to Mars, in which you will have to make sure that in the shortest time, they will weat the right outfits.

This is going to be a new online makeover and hairstyle challenge, in which you can see that Disney princesses like Elsa from Frozen and Ariel from Little Mermaid are the main characters, and you dear friends have to make sure that they will be ready, because they are about to go to planet Mars for the very first time. Even though the two Disney princesses  are going to be real astronauts, you can see that both girls will want to keep looking as cute as possible.

You dear friends can see that Elsa and Ariel will want to look like real astronauts or like Star Wars characters if you like, but you still have to make sure that they will be the most beautiful astronauts or Star Wars characters that ever been here on our website. Both girls will want to have new space clothes, space suits or space outfits, so you have to use your mouse to keep on looking through all the clothes that we have prepared for you, and choose for Ariel and Elsa the best outfits that they can wear during their trip to Mars. You will see that once you find the right clothes, you can see that the Disney princesses will start a new adventure with you.

Elsa and Anna will be dresses properly for their trip to Mars, but it's going to be a new world and a new culture, so they will want to change more than their clothes. You dear friends will have to stay creative, because you will have to make sure that in the shortest time, you will be able to gain points by helping Ariel and Elsa find space hairstyles, with different colors like gray, pink, purple or brown, and we are sure that they will look amazing. Find for the princesses accessories like light sabers, or other Star Wars weapons. Have fun!


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How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.