Doraemon Street Race

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Doraemon Street Race
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What is Doraemon Street Race?

Doraemon Street Race

Anything you do with Doraemon is very fun, and that certainly applies to car racing too, which is what you get to do right now if you give a chance to Doraemon Street Race, one of the best Doraemon racing games you will find in this category, so missing out on it should not be an option!

Start by picking the character you want to be, and you will see that each of them drives a different car. You’ve got the main character, Doraemon, obviously, Shizuka, who drives a purple and pink car, and if you keep playing, you get to unlock both Nobita and another extra character.

To drive your car is very simple, as you use the up arrow to accelerate, and the right and left ones to steer. If you have enough power, activate the Nitro by pressing N. There are five stages in total, each with a different setting, and there are multiple races to win in each of them!

Give it your best to reach and cross the finish line first, ahead of the other cars, if you want to win the races, and try hard to collect as many bells along the tracks as possible, since they represent your score, and who would not want a big one, right?

Good luck racing with Doraemon, and stick around to see what more great games he and his friends have to offer you!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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