Ojek Pickup

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What is Ojek Pickup?

Ojek Pickup
It is not every day that you get to become a taxi driver who is actually driving a motorcycle to drive his clients, picking them up and then dropping them off, but this is what you will be doing right now and here with the amazing new game called Ojek Pickup, which is one of the best new puzzle games you can play here, making it even better since it features motorcycles!

Now, the first thing that caught our eye about this game was the fact that its maps resemble that of carpets with cities laid out on them, which you see in a lot of kid’s rooms. You start out in the city of Toraja, after which you continue with Padang, Bogor, Jogja, Surabaya, Jakarta. Each city has different maps for each level in them, getting progressively harder.

While you start out with one target to pick up and drop off, more are added further on, and you know where they have to go because they are color-coded. Take the blue target to the blue building, and the green target to the green building. Look at the map, think about what the best route would be, and then mark it.

Use the mouse to draw along the road the course that you want your motorcycle driver to take, and then click on the play button down below to make him go. If you take all your clients where they are supposed to go, you clear the level, otherwise, you start it again. It’s hard to find puzzle games as fun as this one just any day, so make sure to give it a go right now and have a great time!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.