StabFish IO

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What is StabFish IO?

StabFish IO
The new StabFish IO game for children is ready to be played right here on our website, and you dear kids can see how much fun you can have playing a new online IO challenge with all of your friends, because this will be a new online multiplayer game.

You dear kids can see that the main character that you will be playing with is going to be a little shark that you will control with your MOUSE. The shark can swim all over the map if you guide him straight, so you have to make sure that you will be able to collect all the food and all the little IO specific game dots in order to make your shark character bigger and bigger.

Your shark has to be the biggest one at the end of the game, and for that you will have to do a lot of kills and try to have the highest score. For your shark to make a kill, you dear kids will have to poke the other sharks with your stick or your teeth that is going to be on your shark's head, and you will see that you will destroy your opponent and you can even eat the meat left behind.

For you have the highest score on the IO board, you will have to have the most kills, the biggest shark and the highest score in each round, so you will have to move around using the mouse and even click on the left click on the mouse and make sure that you will manage to see how many other funny and exciting new IO games for kids that you can see right here on our website. Have fun!


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How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.