Brave Warriors

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What is Brave Warriors?

Brave Warriors
You are a brave warrior and you must cross the valley of devils. You have a stick that you can defeat them with, you need to get through the level and pass through the obstacles ahead of you. On the levels you will find obstacles such as the devils that have a sword and can hit you, the flying devils also hurt you if you bump into them. There are 2 characters to choose from, the young warrior and the old warrior, so you can choose your preferred character!

Each level also contains crates, you can break these by hitting them with your stick multiple times to free your way forward. Each level has multiple platforms you can jump on. You can avoid the flying devils this way.

Levels also contain stars, coins, rubies, and health. The stars can be collected so that you can complete the level with full stars. The coins give you score points, so do the purple rubies too. The health item replenishes one of your hearts. You only have 3 hearts and if you lose all of them you will be forced to restart.

Have fun!

How to play?

Use arrow keys to move and press X to attack. On mobile use the touch buttons.

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