Darkmaster and Lightmaiden

Darkmaster and Lightmaiden

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Darkmaster and Lightmaiden
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Darkmaster and Lightmaiden Overview

Darkmaster and Lightmaiden are locked in a temple, you must help them get out! In this interesting 2 player game, you must solve each puzzle on the levels by taking advantage of the 2 player mechanic. Both of the players must get to the doors at the end of the level.

You must overcome obstacles to finish the level. The dark purple liquid is dangerous to Lightmaiden and will kill her while the white liquid is dangerous for Darkmaster, each character must avoid these liquids to complete the level. Each level has dark and white fire that their respective characters must collect, you need to collect all of these to be able to lit up the portals found in the doors.

There are other difficulties you will find such as doors that need keys to open, you can collect these keys with each character, and sometimes you need to free the other player by unlocking the door to the room the player is found in. You also have platforms that can move by flipping a lever with a character, you need to solve the puzzle by using these platforms.

Each character has to help each other to be able to flee the temple. Later on, you will encounter newer obstacles like saws and spikes, these types of obstacles will hurt both Darkmaster and Lightmaiden so you have to be careful around them.

Time to help them escape the temple!

How to play?

WASD/ARROW to move, Space to change character, E to interact. On mobile use the touch buttons.

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