Galaga Assault

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What is Galaga Assault?

Galaga Assault
You are an astronaut in a spaceship and you need to fight the virus using the guns on your space ship! Your goal is to fight the virus with your gun. This is a shoot 'em up game that also has a few unique features.

The viruses you will encounter have a number on them, this number tells you how many bullets they need to be destroyed. At first, you can only shoot 1 bullet at a time but later you can upgrade your weapon. The available upgrades to your weapon are:
  • Power upgrade: increases the power of your weapon
  • Speed upgrade: increases the speed of the bullets
Once a virus with a high number is destroyed, it will spawn many more other viruses. You must avoid these viruses to no get hurt. You can also upgrade the value of the gold the viruses drop and also the amount of daily gold you can claim.

There are also several temporary upgrades you can collect. There are multiple upgrades including speed upgrade that increases the speed of your bullets, multiplication upgrade that multiplies your bullets, wingman that helps you in your journey, and many more that you may collect!

After beating stage 5 you unlock the secondary weapons. There are a lot of secondary weapons to choose from that you can unlock after beating a certain stage. You can also upgrade the range and the power of the secondary weapons. 

You also have diamonds. They can only be used to exchange them for coins when you don't have enough money for an upgrade. There is also a power counter. When this counter goes to 0, you will have to wait for it to increase.

Time to defeat the space virus!

How to play?

Use the mouse or touch.

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