Forsake the Rake

Forsake the Rake

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Forsake the Rake
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Forsake the Rake Overview

You and your friend are on a quest to find the truth about the rake. Your investigation leads you to the forest where there is a secret underground lab. You must find out the truth!

You arrive at your location and after some searching, you find a trapdoor leading to somewhere. You find the lever for it, you get your gun, and decide to go down to continue your investigation. You also start getting attacked by the weird aliens that look very scary.

When you arrive, you only see the remnants of the destroyed lab, papers everywhere destroyed furniture, and debris. You start investigating this maze more when you find the entrance to the laboratory. Once in the lab, you find that there is no power anymore, you must try to fix the power before trying to open any door. What you see in the lab is horrifying, dead scientists, broken glass, and more.

You find the maintenance room keys and you head to the maintenance room to restart the power generator. Once you arrive, you find out that you need 3 power cells to fix the generator. Here you will also find a better weapon than your gun, the shotgun which is a very powerful weapon but only effective at short range. Once you've gone through the mazes and found the 3 power cells.

Power is back on, and you must find 5 documents about 'The Rake'. Once you've found the 5 documents, it will tell you the truth about the Rake, can you find out the truth too?

How to play?

WASD to move. Mouse to look around, aim, shoot, and change weapons. G for grenades. R to reload. F to interact. Left shift to run and Left Ctrl to crouch. X to prone and V for a melee attack. Space to jump.

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