Sky City Riders

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What is Sky City Riders?

Sky City Riders
Sky City Riders is a cool new biking game that is even 2 player! There are 2 initial modes: race and free riding. The game is also set in a 3D world.

In the racing mode, you can play by yourself or with a friend. In this mode, you have 10 levels that you can complete and you must complete them before the timer runs out! You must overcome ramps and other obstacles by speeding and using your nitro to reach faraway places. In the 2 player mode, you must compete against a friend on the same level in split-screen mode, the player that reaches the end goal first wins.

In the free-riding mode, you spawn in a huge obstacle course that you can freely experiment with! You can try to be brave and speed off of the ramps or you can also challenge yourself by going on the bigger structures found on the map. In the free-riding mode, you will also find diamonds that you may collect, try to collect all of them! The free-riding mode also has a 2 player mode for extra fun.

There are also many bikes that you can choose from. At first, you only have a limited set of bikes to choose from but as you complete races you'll unlock new ones very fast. You can also choose your bikers' outfits.

Are you ready to bike? Press play to find out!

How to play?

P1: WASD to move, N for nitro. P2: Arrow keys to move, Right-shift for nitro. R key resets the level.

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