Golf Gardens FRVR

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What is Golf Gardens FRVR?

Golf Gardens FRVR

Here is a new game on our site for golf enthusiasts. We warmly invite you to play this game, because it is super easy to play and with funny challenges.

Just use the mouse to throw the ball to the flag on the grass. So, set a goal and exceed it every time. All the while, you practice throwing like a golf professional. The rules of the game are as simple as possible. Hit the ball with the golf club, which must reach the finish. But be very careful. As you move forward you will have various obstacles that will make it harder for you to finish. For example, some crayfish will get in your way, which, although they look cute, are very dangerous for you. If your ball falls on cancer 3 times, you lose lives and you will lose the level and points accumulated. The trampolines that can make your ball jump over crayfish can help you so that you can reach the safe area, where they are not present. Another obstacle can be the gravitational panels that will send your ball back from where you threw it.

Collect as many points as you can, but also collect the coins, because you don't know when they will help you and you can upgrade your golf club, for example

Have fun!

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How to play?

use the mouse