Dragon Ball Z: Team Training

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Dragon Ball Z: Team Training
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What is Dragon Ball Z: Team Training?

Dragon Ball Z: Team Training
Dragon Ball Z: Team Training is a new game in which you will have to fight against enemies and dragons that want to harm the community. Come and get ready to play the most exciting game so far. Win the game by eliminating all enemies.

Once in the game, you will have to start fighting against the powers of evil and eliminate all the monsters that want to harm the community. The game is one after the Pokemon format. Form your strategy and start the fight. You can download your evolution in the game on your own PC. All fighters are from the Pokemon cartoon series.

Once you have entered the game module that you think represents you, you must also know what keys you will use in the game. The control keys of the character in the game are:
A - Key I
B- Key X
Select - Backspace
Start - Enter
Right - Arrow Right
Left - Arrow Left
Up - Arrow Up
Down - Arrow Down
R - Control
The Shift
Performance Stats - Backquote
Pause - Escape

We hope you enjoyed this game and we invite you to discover other games on our site. Have fun!

How to play?

use the keyboard

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