100% Wolf Lane Runner

100% Wolf Lane Runner

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100% Wolf Lane Runner
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100% Wolf Lane Runner Overview


100% Wolf is a 2020 animated movie that the administrative team of our website loved very much, which is why we are plenty excited that right at this moment where we can share with you some 100% Wolf Games online, which might be the case for the first time ever on any website with online games, and this is also one of the best running games we've had in a while, so you've got even more reasons to check it out!

What is 100% Wolf about?

This movie and the show it is based upon follows Freddy Lupin, who is the next heir to a proud family of werewolves. He has reached the age when he is to do his first 'warfing', which is the process of transforming into a wolf-man, but instead of that, he ends up becoming a cute little poodle dog, and so begins his adventure of proving himself a wolf, and a top werewolf!

How to play 100% Wolf Lane Runner:

You will be chased by hunters who want to get rid of your kind of beast, so use the right and left arrow keys to duck obstacles, jump over some of them by pressing the up arrow, and through the tubes by transforming into your dog form by pressing the down arrow key.

The more distance you make before you are caught, the more points you get and don't hit obstacles if you don't want to slow down and have the hunters reach you. Good luck!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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