Shakes & Fidget

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What is Shakes & Fidget?

Shakes & Fidget

The Io Games category of our website will always take us by surprise one way or another, as you can clearly see right now, and this is the game right at this moment as well, when Shakes & Fidgets is one of the best MMORPG Games for browsers this category has had so far, a game that looks amazing, has an easy premise and gameplay, and will not bore you in the least, from start to finish!

Enter a world of adventure, wonder, and action with Shakes & Fidgets!

To begin playing you first have to customize your character, for whom you do not just give a name, but you also get to choose their race, their class of warrior, such as mage, knight, necromancer, and others, and you can also pick whatever gender you want to be because this is a fantasy world where you can be whatever you want to!

Go to the tavern, which is going to be one of the main places you hang out at because there you can get new jobs to undertake, as it also acts as a guild, meets people and other players, talks with NPC's, but also buy stuff, and improve the stats of your character.

Of course, going on missions and accomplishing them means you will get not only experience points, which make your character more powerful, but you also get the money that you can use to buy weapons, armor, and other cool stuff!

A world full of adventure awaits you, so start off with the short tutorial, and then dive straight into the action, having fun like it's made possible only here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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